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We arrange for the collection and banking of our client’s cheques. Cheques are picked up either from the offices of our clients or from third parties as per instructions received from our clients. There is complete flexibility as to the frequency of these collections. Cheques collected by us are banked as per our client’s instructions. This leaves our clients free to run their business and focus on growing sales instead of having to worry about collecting cheques and visiting banks to deposit these cheques.

We also collect post dated cheques for our clients, house them within our premises and bank them on the dates they fall due for payment. Clients therefore do not have to worry about forgetting to bank post dated cheques when they fall due for payment.

This has the following advantages for the client:
• Saves client time and effort
• Clients can continue to focus on growing their business
• Service particularly useful for small businesses where clients may be travelling and therefore unable
   to collect or bank cheques
• Ensures cheque collections happen promptly and on time
• Prompt cheque collections and banking helps improve business liquidity
• Reduces chances of cheques returning unpaid if cheques are banked in time
• Reduces the risk of bad debts
• Redces the risk of cheques being lost/misplaced by clients